“do you think ian and megan are dating again?”


I think they’re  currently  good friends.

“is ian dating chachi still?”


no they’re not dating anymore.



Ian was born on April 16th, 1993 :)


You really got me when you said
Hey hey hey, popping that strawberry bubblegum

omg u guys, i feel extremely bad for not being active for ages.. been really busy with school and dancing lately since my dance teacher invited me to dance with his crew!! So it’s definitely a big step for me:3 … AND I met JAWN 2 weeks ago at the championship we participated! Looved talking to him, his laugh brightens up my day… :) And yeah i’m so sorry guys i’ll try to be more active from now on i promise :) And for all the people who haven’t lost hope in my blog.. (lol) THANK YOU <3 And.. I LOVE U :)



“I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. Ian is perfection!!”


Thank you very much! I appreciate it, and he is! :) <3

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